How To Construct An Easy DIY Pallet Shed

Published: 28th March 2011
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A shed is a useful structure to have to counter the problem of a garage that is overcrowded with tools and things. If you donít have one, the good thing is that putting one together is not too difficult a task. Itís a DIY job that can be completed over a weekend but thereís an even better solution and thatís pallets; they donít cost a lot and they give a shed that looks good as well as being functional. Pallets can readily available for example from constructors who are usually glad to be able to get rid of them and they are they can be bought from DIY stores.

Before laying out anything, do check in with your local building authority to make sure that your structure does not violate any building laws. You will most likely not have a problem but itís better to be safe than sorry.

Having got a source of pallets, the next step is to get a plan for the shed. It will give you an idea of the final result and will guide you as you construct the shed. Your plan should include a list of the other materials you will need and in which quantities so that you can see which plan will give you a shed that is within your budget.

The other essential for a shed is a solid foundation. It needs to be solid to last long especially if it will be constructed with simple material like pallets.

The next step is to map out the area where the shed will stand. Do these using temporary markers like strings to guide you and make sure everything is straight. This will be followed by laying out the foundation. A simple concrete floor will suffice for a shed. When that is done and left to dry, move on to the walls. To make them solid, attach the pallets to plywood or even stronger wood if you wish. Then raise the four walls and nail them to each other. Remember to leave space on one of the walls for a window.

Next attach beams perpendicularly nailing down those on which the wooden planks will be nailed down then nail down the roof planks one by one in columns corresponding to the beams. Finish by attaching a door using hinges, window panes on the space left for the window and then choose whether you will paint over the shed or leave it as it is.

The fact of the matter is that though it looks extremely tricky to have a shed built in your backyard or garage, itís not all that difficult if you know how to proceed. There are simple instructions that you need to follow to have an easy DIY pellet shed built in your home. And if you are in a fix and donít know anything about the step-by-step process of building a shed, there is not need to worry because you can find some good sites over the internet to get quality shed building plans. offers advice about woodworking plans and projects. Whatís more, you can also lay your hands on comprehensive building shed DIY kits to complete your task with ease. Check it out, today!

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